Friday, October 08, 2004

Red Letter Day

>How does the new line up differ to that which recorded your debut album?
Different age groups and consequently influences. Brightness, vitality and unbounded enthusiasm.

>What does each member bring to the band?
Daryn keeps it tight at the back and me nearly sane. Chris and Steve songwriting, performance. Without them there would be no Red Letter Day: simple! I thinks it's also fair to say they've improved me and Daryn, aswell.

>What keeps motivating you to record and gig after 20 years with the band?
It's what I do. It's what I HAVE to do. Again, the current line-up creates it's own enthusiasm.

>Is it easier or harder now to juggle home/work life and the band?
Harder, as I now have a nine month old Monkey Girl.

>How long do you envisage RLD continuing?
So long as we all enjoy. Crap answer but the best I can come up with!

>What more would you like to achieve with your music?
To create more of it. For more people to hear it. World domination, basically.

>Tell us about your forthcoming LP, how will it differ from the previous LPs?
The new album is called 'Everything Matters' and is scheduled for early 2005. We already recorded 6 tracks and it promises to be our best yet. We just have to ensure that it doesn't just sit on the shelf.

>What other future plans do you have for gigs and recordings?
We've just recorded '4t8' for Blacksmiths Studios forthcoming compilation 'What's The Alternative'. We've recently been playing all over England, great shows. We'll really be looking to ramp things up when the album's released.

>What have been your best gigging experiences?
Some great times in Europe (some nightmares as well). Portsmouth Heineken Festival. Our recent UK shows especially a blinding Festival performance in Manchester.

>What have been your best experiences with the band aside from the gigs?
Recording, radio play. Some great reviews. The fact that people wanna see the Day NOW even after all these years.

>What inspires you now, musically and lyrically?
Personal experiences, friend's experiences, news items, phrases I see which excite me. Musically I have my punk roots which enables me to appreciate anything good!

>What, where and who with would be your ideal gig?
Sold out Wedge with the Clash and the Velvet Underground!

>If the musical world was ideal, it would… Appreciate decent music and not be governed by tosser venue owners and promoters.

>Suggest a publicity stunt to increase the RLD profile in the UK.
A relay team streak down Commercial Road.

>What do you consider your best achievements in music?
Keeping the day going, making it bigger and better. Releasing records and hopefully acting as an ambassador for Portsmouth.

>What, with regards the UK music scene, upsets you?
People liking crap stuff. Crap stuff selling out shows to the detriment of class acts. The bollox English build 'em up, knock 'em down mentality.

>What, with regards the UK music scene, delights you?
The quality and variety of bands if you're prepared to scratch beneath the surface.

>What do you think of the Portsmouth music scene at present?
Quality and variety (again). A great vibe amongst bands and performers of all styles.

>Any other words of wisdom for VP readers?
Come see the Day. Join the gang................


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