Thursday, July 08, 2004

Art Brut

>What happened?
We Met at B&Q in Elmers End, it's the place to be.

>What do you do then?
Eddie Argos - Vocals and shouting 'what!' a lot
Chris Chinchilla Guitar and serious talk...
Ian Catskillkin - Guitar and Mockney impersonator
Freddie Feedback - Bass and cake baking
Mike - Drums and the best dressed 'Irishman'...
And all 5 of us pull in different directions.


>Motivations? Like, to record and gig?
Again, everything. Though what would we do if we didn't record or gig...?

>Whats happening next?
Gig ourselves stupid to June, then into the recording studio to write and record our next single and a mini album.

>If the musical world was ideal, it would be…Grease

>Suggest a publicity stunt to increase Art Brut’s profile.
We've got it planned already - A rock out in an Art Gallery, authorised or otherwise...

>Who plays the Art Brut festival?
Hmm, all the new bands we like (The Rakes, Futureheads, Ciccone, The Fades...) and maybe Weezer, Morrissey, Luke Haines, Johnathon Richman, Guns & Roses and The Strokes... eclectic!

>Lets say there’s no Art Brut, what do you do now?
Go to B&Q

>What upsets you about the UK music scene?
That it's been dead for ages.

>What delights you about the UK music scene?
It's getting better!

>How will Art Brut change the world?
Get on TOTP and bring world Peace.

>What else would you like to achieve?
I think they're both enough at the moment :-)

>6 discs for a Desert Island?
Best of 1/2 Japanese, More Specials, Weezer’s Blue Album, a Guns & Roses album, Keith Mahony's album about a girl and our album, when it's done.

>3 Books for a desert island?
‘How to play guitar’, ‘Bluff your way into Modern Art‘, err... ‘The Bible’?

>A luxury Item for a Desert Island?
Hmm, maybe a guitar?

>What else ya got to say?
Now go form a band!


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